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client: Classical Hotels
techology: AS2.0, XML
brief: Makedonia Palace is the dearest of Thessaloniki hotels, 260 guestrooms feat. contemporary decor in brown&beige, with leather glass and wood details. To capture the essence of this visual delicacy, our client opted for an adequately plausible web presentation.

With magnificent views of Thermaikos Bay, this hotel is close to Ladadika, one of the most picturesque areas of the city.
The website features an unusual matrix orientation system, which can be scrubbed in similiar fashion as the rubic cube. Just like the other Classical hotels websites, this one was programmed using XML and AS2.0, and features highly customizable content. Design ideas were created and client relations handled by Angelo Plessas, a talented greek contemporary artist. Our cooperation was enjoyable, the big questions were faced and delt with an undefiable calmness. The website was commisioned by Angelo Plessas. If you liked this piece, you might also like Classical BabyGrand Hotel, Classical 2 Fashion Hotel or King George Palace.

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